Why can dysphagia cause taste changes?

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04 September 2017

​Strongly flavoured food such as a curry can really appeal

​Read more about taste changes, then try our recommended curry recipe!

Dysphagia is not a disease itself, but rather it occurs as a consequence of various diseases or conditions. If dysphagia is caused by damage or loss of function to the nerves that help us swallow, this may also lead to taste changes. This is because the nerves that control the muscles that are required to swallow also control our ability to taste, tell the difference between hot and cold and produce saliva. Taste changes, in addition to difficulty swallowing, can make the prospect of eating very unappealing. It is therefore important that food is made as appetising as possible to encourage those with dysphagia to eat enough to get the nutrition they need.

One way to help overcome taste changes is to use strong flavoured sauces such as curry sauce. Take a look at our recipe section for a great curry recipe to get your taste buds tingling.

For more tips on how to overcome taste changes please see our top tips article: managing taste changes when you have dysphagia.

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