Top Tips - Christmas for people with dysphagia

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20 December 2016

Don’t let having swallowing difficulties dampen your Christmas spirit

​Part of our Top Tips series for dysphagia management

Christmas is a special time of year filled with happiness, festive cheer and gathering with family and friends to celebrate. For most people a big part of those celebrations is sharing a meal with your loved ones, reminiscing and indulging in your favourite foods.

However, if you’re living with swallowing difficulties the usual excitement of Christmas can be replaced by anxiety and fear at the thought of not being able to eat what everyone else can. Making sure food and fluids of the appropriate texture are available means swallowing difficulties don’t have to dampen your Christmas spirit. It’s important that you, your family, friends and carers know that with some adjustments to well-loved Christmas fare such as turkey with all the trimmings and Christmas pudding you can still enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner.

Take a look at our Christmas Dinner and Christmas Pudding recipes for some excellent ideas on how to create the perfect dysphagia friendly Christmas meal.

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