Avoiding high risk foods for people with swallowing difficulties

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09 September 2016

Some foods can be particularly difficult to chew, move in the mouth and swallow safely. Some will need extra care, others should be avoided altogether.

Part of our Top Tips series for dysphagia management

​Below is a list of the types of food that may be difficult to eat:

  • Stringy, fibrous texture e.g. pineapple, celery, runner beans, lettuce
  • Vegetable and fruit skins e.g. broad beans, baked beans, soya beans, peas, grapes
  • Mixed consistency foods e.g. soup with lumps, stewed fruit, mince with thin gravy, cereals which do not blend with milk, e.g. muesli
  • Crunchy foods e.g. toast, flaky pastry, crisps
  • Crumbly items e.g. pie crust, crumble, dry biscuits
  • Hard foods e.g. boiled and chewy sweets and toffee, nuts and seeds
  • Husks e.g. sweetcorn and granary bread

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